Take Your 5 Year Plan. Do It In 6 Months.

Imagine you are on your deathbed. 

What would you regret?

Let’s pull that back a little bit.

What’s your 5 year plan?

Is this the same 5 year plan you had 2 years ago? And will it be the same 5 year plan without any movement next year?

Do these plans turn into “ONE DAY” aspirations.

“I’ll travel ONE DAY”

“l’ll be a filmmaker ONE DAY”

“I’ll launch that business ONE DAY”

You can say you’ll pursue something “one day” until you are on your death bed. At that point, you’re out of time and you’ll be left with regret. 

Either way, that “ONE” will become a “1”.

Day 1


#1 Regret

This all shifted for me when someone said,

“How can you make your 5 year plan happen in the next 6 months.”

I thought,”What does that mean? How can that be possible?”

The keyword is “HOW”.

HOW can you take your 5-10 year plan and make it happen in 6 months?

This will shift your mindset from “one day” to “Day 1”

I’m not suggesting you burn yourself out by piling everything on. Instead, set priorities.

When you put constraints on yourself, you begin to work within your means to get started.

Ask a busy parent about how much time they have. When you only have so much time and energy, you’ll focus on what matters most.

Don’t use responsibilities as an excuse. They are a constraint. A very real constraint. Use them to set priorities. 

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”

— Peter Drucker

According to psychologist Benjamin Hardy, here’s how to complete things 10x or even 100x faster than “normal”:

Have something that drives you.

Operate with a “deathbed mentality” to not undervalue your time- you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

Be willing to experiment and fail continuously. 

Be courageous and follow your intuition, even if it goes against what people will think of you.

Be an intense and wise learner- get the best info from the best resources and apply it immediately. 

Experimenting is key.

Tim Ferriss doesn’t set long-term goals, but instead short-term “experiments” because he’s seeking “excitement” vs “happiness”. 

Your “one day” ideas may end up being a brilliant business or a hobby. You may even learn that it’s not something you actually enjoy and can stop thinking about it.

All are good.

By experimenting, you can find out much quicker. Even failure is best when it’s fast.

Maybe you don’t know what your purpose is at the moment. 

Just try to sort out these 3 life questions:

– What are you doing.

– Where are you doing it.

– Who are you doing it with.

You can dream within your means and still dream big.

Keep moving and your means will change.