Life Has No Direction

I’m sitting on a river wondering, “what else do I need?”

It’s borderline nihilistic when normally I’m working around the clock. 

This is also why nature is a good reminder to slow down.

We all need reasons for action, but what if the lack of meaning was the very reason to take action?

75% of millennials said they are struggling to find direction in life.

This is according to a new survey by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, 

Friedrich Nietzsche is the father of nihilism. We discussed some of his work in a previous article

Now his work is getting remixed into “optimistic nihilism“. 

This is growing as the cost of living has skyrocketed in a post-lockdown world that cost us our lives as we knew them.

So, why not take that trip?

Ivaylo Durmonski wrote in her essay about optimistic nihilism that: “Optimistic nihilism is the realization that the lack of meaning in the world and the universe as a whole can be liberating”


“Since there is no grand scheme here, I can, myself, decide what I should do with my life”.

In the survey, titled Millennials Establish Their Need for Purpose and Lifestyle Changes, millennials (ages 18-36) were the generation most likely to question their place in life.

22% felt life is sacred

50% felt life is what you make it; there is no absolute value associated with human life. (compared to only 32% of older generations.)

A recent poll in the United Kingdom revealed 84% don’t believe they are living “their best life.”

I’m not saying everyone needs to completely change their thoughts or beliefs, but no meaning can be enough meaning.

It’s about the adventure and not everything has to have a divine purpose, it can be about the ride. 

If you have to ask yourself anything, instead of asking why, think of how. 

How will I start this new hobby?

How can I travel the world for a year?

How can I grow and develop my writing skills?

Through these “hows”, you might find meaning or you might not, but hopefully you can start enjoying the things you do.

Remember, it’s not “one day”.

It’s Day 1.