A Greater Impact

When you think of those who made an impact, who do you think of?

Maybe it’s someone like Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., or William Shakespeare?

Think about a musician selling out massive stadiums around the world.

Now, think about the guy with his guitar on the street playing songs for anyone who will listen.

Who has more impact?

Well, sure the guy in the stadium, but what if I told you it’s the same person?

Progress can lead to impact.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a video from 2012 of Ed Sheeran with his guitar on 6th Street here in Austin.


Sure, we want our lives to mean something, but why does it have to be all or nothing?

We are not all meant to change the world. Collectively, we are what makes society function.

Our impact on those around us has a domino effect.

Impact can be on the server, your sister, students etc..

Jim Rohn said,

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day. Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day.”

William H. McRaven, retired Navy four-star admiral urges you to start your day by making your bed.

You may do it again the next morning. A week later you realize it’s part of your morning ritual.

You lay one brick at a time to build a wall. Day 4,000 of small actions will look very different than Day 4.

But don’t start with the wall.

Start with the brick and maybe you build a house or a mailbox.

Jordan Peterson asks how you can clean up the world when you can’t clean your room. That’s a pretty simple qualifier we tend to overlook.

Here are a few small actions that can make a big difference:

  • Be A Good Listener
  • Think Before You Speak
  • Be Kind in Your Words and Actions
  • Share- time, conversation, a helping hand
  • Take Care of Yourself and Your Mental Health

In the words of Stanford professor BJ Fogg:

“You can never change just one behavior. Our behaviors are interconnected, so when you change one behavior, other behaviors also shift.”

You may not think you are making a difference, but you are.

No matter how small.