Comparison Is The Thief of All Joy

Doctors don’t start learning by performing surgery. It can take 12 years or 4,380 days to become a doctor after high school.

They started with basic math and science like us.

When I’m asked by aspiring creative entrepreneurs how to start, here’s the story I tell.

I first started writing songs with my guitar. That’s how I learned to record and edit audio.

Then I got a graphic design internship where I had to learn that skill – I learned from a book.

Then forced to edit videos for a startup – I learned online.

Then someone asked me to build a website – I figured that out online.

16 years of passionate pursuit later – it starts coming together.

Again, don’t compare your day 1 to my day 5,840.

Henry Ford didn’t create the revolutionary T model car until he was 45.

Julia Child didn’t write her first cookbook until she was 50.

Stan Lee didn’t write his first hit comic until right before his 39th birthday.

Not to mention the hours in each day. I mean there are only 24 of them.

Most people know Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote:

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Hikers on the Appalachian trail have a motto “Hike your own hike”.

Look at Social Comparison Theory. It is the idea that others determine their own value on how it compares to those around them.

Those motivational videos you are consuming on social media might inspire you on a good day.

On the other days, they bring you guilt and remorse.

Jordan Peterson said to “compare yourself to who you could be.”

That is a better approach.

I’ll provide the lessons and encouragement I can – the rest is on you.

You are capable of way more than you can imagine right now – trust me.