Announcing Grumpy Bear Coffee!

Too many of us are often waiting for the perfect moment.

The perfect moment to travel, the perfect camping scenario, the perfect photography gear.

You can overthink things as long you want, but there will never be a “perfect moment”.

Paralysis by analysis will keep you stuck with no progress.

For example, this past week I launched my coffee brand- Grumpy Bear Coffee.

I’ve been delaying the launch because I kept searching for the “perfect” moment.

The perfect time doesn’t exist without hindsight.

Instead, finished is better than perfect.

We really wanted to have all three blends ready, but I only felt comfortable with one. So, that’s where we started.

Same for content creation, I hit publish on new ideas to see how it goes.

The publish button is a gateway to the feedback you need for personal growth.

Without sharing your work, you can’t make improvements to your craft or process

In the startup world, we say “F it, ship it”

I view constraints as an asset.

In the last month, we launched two different products. We set deadlines and worked very hard to meet them. This time constraint helped us focus on the most important tasks.

If you don’t set time constraints for yourself, you’ll end up working on things that don’t matter.

In the movie Field of Dreams they say “If you build it, they will come” which isn’t true.

Great movie. Terrible advice.

We can either overbuild an idea or wait too long. A minimum viable product will give you the insights you need to either continue pursing the idea, or learn it may not be the right idea.

This works for most everything.

Taking pictures on your phone, sleeping at the nearest campgrounds in your car, etc.

You may find that you hate camping after a time or two – good thing you didn’t buy that expensive rig.

When I first started camping I bought gear I thought I needed but didn’t and it was a waste of money. There were some things I didn’t end up buying, and glad I didn’t because they weren’t needed.

Look at constraints as an asset instead of focusing on the assets you don’t have.

Constraints lead to creative solutions.

Solutions are valuable.