Snappers Warmup Routine

Snappers Warmup Routine

DeepSnapper Warmup Routing

If you have trained with me, you already know what these are. Here is the warmup pattern we follow and some notes on each. Below that is a couple of things to stay away from, and remember: PRACTICE FOCUS from the first toss.

3 Point Toss

  • 7 yards apart from partner
  • 5-7 reps
  • Feet wide
  • Rotate across your body, opposite of you throwing arm
  • Rotate back to your throwing arm
  • Over the head
  • Follow through between your legs

Off Hand

  • 7 yards apart from partner
  • 5-7 reps
  • Easy toss, not trying to throw hard
  • Work on “QB technique”

Regular Throws

  • Start at 10 yards apart from partner and work back to 25 yards
  • 10-15 reps
  • Throw regular and increase velocity as you go


  • 25 yards apart from partner
  • 2 reps
  • Throw 2 “ropes” to your partner
  • This puts the final touches on the fast twitch warmup

Warmup Snaps

  • Right into 14 yards (or 15, whatever your punter is at)
  • 7 snaps
  • Start easy, not snapping hard
  • We do every snap at the full distance to improve muscle memory and depth perception.

Snap and Set

  • 3-5 Snaps
  • Once you start setting on your snaps, there is no going back. Every snap is treated like a live snap

Live and Chart Every Snap

A couple things you will notice that we don’t do.

  1. Two handed standing “snaps”.
    • It’s not a good drill, don’t do it. It looks like a snapper drill, but you’re just practicing a bad release point.
  2. Short Buildups snaps
    • Not talking about field goals. I’ve seen hundreds of rockstar snappers in the 7-10 yard range in warmups followed by ground balls at 14/15 yards. Everything is connected and I’d rather take those reps to develop muscle memory at the actual distance. The rest of the warmup routine is athletic and designed to allow us to snap at the full distance.

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