Overland Content

The Overland Tour is an opportunity for a limited number of outdoor brands to receive original content from some of the most beautiful locations in America, without the normal costs it takes to film in these locations.

@deepsnap Moody moments by water are a place where I see most clearly. #travel #adventure ♬ To Build A Home - Slowed + Reverb - The Cinematic Orchestra

2022 Locations

Mid July
Late July
Northern Idaho
Late July
Texas Hill Country
Early August
Northern Idaho
Late August
Overland Expo - Loveland, CO
Early September
Colorado Rockies
Jackson Hole
Mix of Montana, Idaho, Jackson Hole, Southern Utah
About DeepSnap

Aaron King

Aaron King is a storyteller and brand strategist with over a decade of experience launching brands. He was the creator in YouTube’s 2020 Super Bowl commercial and has worked with brands like Uber, Universal Music, Ram Trucks, AT&T, Easterseals, Michelob Ultra, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

He shows people what’s possible when you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, get your hands dirty, explore new places, and find out what you’re made of – all while living a with greater sense of purpose.

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How does it work?

We just need your product, some preferences on content and we’ll handle the rest!

The videos are yours, and 2-3 will be pushed to the DeepSnap community.

If your brand has relationships that can be met on the tour for content creation, that can certainly be arranged.​

Who is in the videos?

Assets will be a mix:

  • Product only
  • DeepSnap + Product
  • Mode​l + Product
  • Group + Product

Models other than @DeepSnap can only be guaranteed with the Overland Package on some of the video.

Define a "video"

These are short form videos that will be anywhere from :07 seconds to :30 seconds.

It’s not about length, it’s about impact. A short with no words in a beautiful sunset can easily reach more people than a perfectly edit long form video.

What's a "sponsored post"

TikTok – 3 of the videos will be posted to the @DeepSnap account (35K as of July). The limit is 3 to keep that channel from feeling like an ad. These will be posted to Instagram Reels as well.

What about creative direction?

Depending on the package, you’ll be able to make requests and be a part of the ideation, but you will be giving DeepSnap creative license to do what he does best.

If we work on a full Overland package, you’ll get a dedicated social strategy session to review your marketing ideas, opportunities, and editorial calendar.

How will these be delivered?

Assets will be delivered on a weekly basis. This is a moving production and we are trying to diversify the scenes as much as possible, so clear communication will be an important part of the timing and delivery.



$2,500 / mo

3 Videos Per Week

10 Photos

2 Sponsored TikToks



$3,500 / mo

3 Videos Per Week

15 Photos

3 Sponsored TikToks



$4,500 / mo

4 Videos Per Week

20 Photos

3 Sponsored TikToks